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Wireless Portable Handheld X-Ray System


Handy, powerful, and ergonomic.



  • Simple operation
  • Wide graphic LCD screen
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Highest image quality and lowest patient dosage.
  • Zero leakage radiation
  • High frequency, constant-potential X-ray generator
  • Optimized for analog film and digital sensor
  • Optional arms
  • Smallest portable X-ray on the market
  • 3mA tube current
  • DC High Frequency circuit adopted (30KHZ)
  • Automatic power interception
  • Best performance X-ray for digital sensors
  • Flexible exposure time control by 0.01 second step (0.01~1.6 sec)
  • Exposure time setting by age and parts (setting adjustable)
  • More than 300 times of consecutive exposure is available by high capacity rechargeable battery with P.C.M (Protection Circuit Module) application
  • H.V. Unit manufacturing method is patent applied
  • Minimized radiation exposure with lead shield covering on X-ray tube, H.V. generator, P.C.B. and cone (radiation field limited device)
  • 3 hour battery charge time for 100 exposure
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty
  • FDA Approved
  • Includes:
    • X-ray unit
    • Battery
    • Battery charger
    • Backscatter shield
    • Carrying case

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dp365b-2.jpg Eliminate Filling Water Bottles Forever!

Change the cartridge once a year.

DentaPure® DP 365M

For installation in the Junction box Click here for details

..or if you really like filling water bottles 

DentaPure® DP 365B

For installation in the water bottle Click here for details

No shock, no tablets, just change the cartridge once a year. 

dp365b-1.jpg DentaPure® remains the only product on the market that has been cleared by the FDA for marketing with a claim that meets the ADA’s recommendation for dental unit water quality. DentaPure® is also the only continuous treatment product registered with the USEPA as an anti-microbial waterline product. DentaPure® is the easiest to use and most reliable dental water purifier today. Call your dealer today to make the change to DentaPure®!

Barry Hammarback DentaPure President and CEO



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"I have worked with Dental Equipment Supply for over 20 years. They helped me hang out my first "open for business" sign when I started my own solo practitioner office, and then they were there to help me transition into my existing practice after buying out another practice. They are incredibly dependable, honest and trustworthy, along with always delivering exceptional service.  I would never consider using someone else for my dental equipment needs."
~Dr. Maryann Lehmann 
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